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Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard | 17.72 ” Can be shortened with assorted colour spring toggles | Not for Children


Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard
Black with toggles (random colours will be shipped)
Can be shortened with spring toggles (random colours will be shipped)
NOT FOR CHILDREN as could be choking hazard

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Face Mask Lanyard , ,


Great idea to hold mask close for immediate use
NOT FOR CHILDREN as could be choking hazard
Keeps mask folded to protect inside breathing surface
Adjustable, one size fits all
Great for travelling when hopping from one place to another
Comfortable to wear
Gives ears a rest
Perfect when running errands, outside eating, when on the phone
For use with disposable masks or fabric masks

How to measure

Step 1: Measure from the middle of your nose to an inch (or two finger-width) under your chin, this would be your reference for the first number on our size chart
Step 2: Measure from one cheekbone to the other, for the width of the mask. You might want to consider using a mirror or other’s help to be accurate while measuring.
Note: Make sure to add few mm to your measurement to ensure the mask won’t be too small for your nose or your cheek