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Face Mask Bag Holder

Face Mask Bags – Cloth – 5″ x 5″ Room for one or two masks – Fold-Over Sandwich Bag Style-Paint Strokes on Canvas


5″ x 5″ cloth bag
Store one or two masks while on-the-go
Machine washable
Blue-black with snap pouch

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Face Mask Bags - PJ-Face Mask Storage Pouch Toronto-Paint Strokes on Canvas , , , , , ,


Face Mask Bag Holder
Loop to clip
No zippers or velcro, washer/dryer friendly
Great way to store masks with bacteria that can grow in plastic
Machine Washable

How to measure

Step 1: Measure from the middle of your nose to an inch (or two finger-width) under your chin, this would be your reference for the first number on our size chart
Step 2: Measure from one cheekbone to the other, for the width of the mask. You might want to consider using a mirror or other’s help to be accurate while measuring.
Note: Make sure to add few mm to your measurement to ensure the mask won’t be too small for your nose or your cheek